Potty Training a third child

You’d think I’d find it easy by now, this potty training lark. I mean, I’m experienced with two successful attempts under my belt. One, I must admit was a bribe at three and a half with the offer of a packet of crisps for a successful session. The other was a girl, need I say more?

Being a third child means that you need to do everything early. You want to run and jump before you can crawl, you’ll try to make a jam sandwich with your siblings as soon as you can stand and you want to emulate their toilet trips. Therein lies an issue. I’m not convinced that a nearly two year old boy actually has the genuine awareness to be able to go on the loo with successful regularity. However, the potty has returned to the living room and little Ned is very keen to try, telling me when he thinks he is about to do a poo. Not have much luck yet, but since he wants to do it I’m happy to help.

He is even trying to do it on the potty without help:


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