Review: Beko Washer Dryer WDA91440W

I have to admit that when the Beko WDA91440W Washer Dryer
was delivered I thought it would prove too complicated. There are a lot of features and I want to just press the wash button and go. However, my first impressions were wrong and the washer dryer controls have proved to be very intuitive and the features have actually been designed to make life easier and washing cheaper. 
One of my favourite features is that the machine enables me to automatically dry my washing after a wash cycle. I frequently put my washing in the machine first thing in the morning, intending to hang it or do a dry load when the wash cycle finishes but I get distracted with life. I frequently notice the flashing light on my machine telling me my washing is done as I’m about to head up to bed! No more! With Beko’s new washer/dryer I put the washing in the machine first thing and when it has finished the washing is clean and dry.  
We are a family of five and that brings a lot of washing so the large drum is also a huge benefit as it allows me to do larger washes. And with the children managing to spill something on their school uniforms every day the speedy wash/dry cycles are a dream for making sure they at least start the school day in a clean uniform.
There are washing/drying options for cottons, synthetics, woollens, quick washes, a hand wash option and an anti-allergy cycle which is brilliant for our family as Fifi suffers from allergies. Selecting the option you want is as simple as turning a dial and pressing a button if you want to add a dry cycle. 
Click play below to see how easy the machine is to use.

Washing is an endless chore in our house, with bedding for five, mucky football kits, swimming towels, school uniforms and hubby’s shirts and I can’t help but be concerned about the amount of water we use. We are on a water meter and are trying very hard to keep down the cost of our household bills. And this is where the science bit of the Beko WDA91440W is worth paying attention to. Instead of using cold water to cool the condenser in the machine, like traditional washer/dryers, this Beko model employs new technology, that draws cold, ambient air into the machine through a vent on the front. This significantly reduces the amount of water you use during the drying cycle but on top of this there is an eco-wash cycle that uses less water. The machine automatically adjusts the amount of water it uses according to the weight of the washing in the machine so you only use the water you need. It comes as no surprise therefore that the model has an A Energy rating.

Innovations often bring unnecessary gimmicks to household items but in this case Beko seem to have developed some features that really do make a difference. With five of us, washing is always going to be a chore in our house but this machine has simplified the process and will save us some money on our water bill. I would highly recommend it as an option for families.
I cant praise Beko products highly enough and I’m slowly changing all my household appliances to this brand based on our experiences with those we already own. Not only are they innovative and great looking, they represent genuinely good value. I’ve been converted. If you want to find out more have a look at their website or check out their Facebook page:
Disclaimer: We were sent this washer dryer to review and keep, I’m pleased as its a great product.

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