Review: Pony Flag Race Lottie Doll & Seren the Welsh Mountain Pony

Fifi is pony mad, she is so obsessed that although she’s only had a few lessons aged four she’s been moved up to the big girls class where she can do cantering. She’s good at it and I’m really proud of her.

I didn’t really think about how all encompassing a pony riding hobby is; there is the the kit and the lessons and then there are the associated toys. This one is a hard one because there are lots of pony related toys out there, but most of them are not at all realistic and some frankly a little tacky. That’s where you need Lottie Dolls. Yet again they have come up trumps with a fabulous good quality doll which actually looks like a real little girl in terms of body shape AND a brilliantly made realistic pony for her to ride.

So what can a girl do with her pony? Well:

She can practise her rising trot

She can go on a magical adventure like Princess Evie

She can groom her pony for the dressage

She can compete in the Olympics

She can have a tea party

She can win a trophy

She can use her imagination in a stimulating, realistic and healthy way and work through her worries.

Pony Flag Race Lottie and Seren the Welsh Mountain Pony are the best toys I’ve seen for little pony crazed girls. They are realistic, great quality, affordable and exactly what you would want your child to play with. Whats more, Fifi seems to really identify with her doll and unlike other dolls she plays with it in a way which makes me think she is really role playing her dreams and ambitions. Just perfect.

If  you want to find out more, join the Lottie Doll Club or create some fab stuff make sure you check out their website.

Disclaimer: We were given a doll and pony for review purposes. I’d happily buy them for any little girl I know and I have a few different Lottie Dolls assigned as Christmas gifts as I genuinely think they are fantastic.


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  1. Kim Carberry 24th November 2013 / 4:56 pm

    Looks like a perfect gift for little girls…

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