Room to Grow Book Share Scheme

Regular readers of the blog will know how much I love to read and how much I try to encourage the children to read. We take regular trips to the library, charity shop and worry the husband by spending a fortune on Amazon and the Book People. That’s without all the books we get sent to review. However, I maintain that it is a really important life skill and anything which encourages the children to move away from the television is a great thing.

When I was first approached about the Room To Grow Book Share Scheme I must admit I was a little skeptical because I wondered if they actually would gain anything from participating. However, since our first book arrived I am converted because there seems to be something exciting about receiving a book through the post and then having a time frame in which to read it. The very act of completing a book and posting it seems to be encouraging my reluctant reader.

The idea is that the scheme will run from November to February and over 300 books will be sent out to children ranging from 1- 14 years in age.  The books will then be donated to charity. I’m going to post some updates to let you know how we have been getting on and whether or not it really had made a difference in our household. I suspect that it might given the enthusiasm shown so far. What a great idea and I’m really impressed at a company trying to make a real practical difference to the lives of children.

Our first book is Flat Stanley, a perfect classic read and suitable for the 6 year old.


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