Should I do housework or read books?

This morning I was just saying to the husband how I feel quite guilty because no matter how hard I try I am just not a domestic goddess. I feel this way because I’ve recently given up an awful lot of paid work in order to try to concentrate on family and things for myself and to try not to be quite as stressed all the time. However, I do feel that because I have done this its sort of my ‘job’ to make sure we all have clean laundry and we aren’t falling over toys constantly and treading on crunchy carpets. I just cant clear the clutter though, no matter how hard I try it all just builds up and up.

When I checked my emails this morning, funnily enough I saw that Beko have just done a Household Helpers Census which made me feel a lot better because it seems that loads of people have the same guilt issues and are saying the same things. For example a third of Brits prefer to have a tidy home than a holiday. I think i’m in that third, although it would be my dream to come home from holiday to a tidy home! Apparently parents argue more about washing up than any other chore. We don’t in our house, I end up doing it. Hmmm….

Then again life is short and sweet maybe I shouldn’t feel so bad about the housework, in the scheme of things its a small little thing and with three kids I’m never going to beat the clutter am I? For me one of the best things in life is the escapism you get from reading a book, is it wrong to sit and read whilst the dirt and dust builds up?

If you want to have a look at the survey you’ll find it here.


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