What would you like for Christmas?

Yesterday I was reading my good friend Lisa’s brilliant blog about ideas on what to give people for Christmas. In it she suggests non material things and I think they are all really great ideas, but not for Christmas.

I have to disagree fundamentally on these because I think that these things she suggests should be something that you should give all year around.  I’d actually be really cross if I was given the gift of time with family or friends for Christmas because I’d feel that however busy someone is they should make the time. In terms of a relaxed partner, well, its a joint thing isn’t it? By this, I mean why should one of us relax whilst the other ones slaves away, because fundamentally things need to be done. I’m hoping that on Christmas Day neither of us will be stressed because we will share the burden and that is the fundamental basis of our marriage.

With three children (or indeed any children) life is busy, stressful and we never have any money. I cant afford to pamper myself or buy new clothes. I cant afford to go on the courses I want to do. I need to make my own entertainment generally by reading books or craft, as the cinema is an impossible goal especially if you add in the cost of a babysitter. It may come as a surprise to some, but I try to live my life by Christian values and I attend church and the parent group on occasion. There is far too much value placed on materialistic things and celebrity culture. But at this time of year a small token of appreciation goes a long way.

You know what, maybe I’m materialistic, but frankly I like stuff and I’d be much more happy with a small bar of chocolate wrapped up with a bow or a nicely handwritten letter which tells me why you are donating my gift to charity than anything big or anything conceptual. Christmas is about giving and it is about being a bit materialistic. The three wise kings didn’t appear with the gift of time did they? We should strive to be kind, considerate, charitable people all year around.

I hope Lisa doesn’t mind me disagreeing with her ideas, it would be lovely to see a bit of healthy debate about this. She speaks a lot of sense and I listen and act on her advice her all the time, just not this time.

Tell me, what would you like for Christmas?


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  1. Aussie Mum 21st November 2013 / 12:18 pm

    What I would like for Christmas is a really big sleep in! It is top of my Christmas list every year.

  2. Mummywhisperer 22nd November 2013 / 8:44 am

    Hi hun,<br />Yes I agree ideally they should be all year round. As Christmas is so stressful though and so many people actually break up or succumb to depression, I thought it especially important. Also last year I wrote all the posts about how to pick presents, so I felt like doing something different.<br /><br />You did make me giggle a bit – I wasn&#39;t suggesting to only be given these

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