A day out at London Zoo to celebrate Pokémon X and Pokémon Y

As the children get older their interests change and over the past year or so I’ve noticed them show a sudden interest in Pokémon. For those of you not in the know these are Japanese cartoon characters with their own television show on Cartoon Network and an enormous variety of other tie in products; games, trading cards, toys and movies.

This weekend we were given the chance to meet one of the characters called Pikachu. The older children were thrilled about this, the littlest were scared by the larger than life fluffy rabbit. They also got the chance to do some colouring in, play the latest Pokémon XY trading card game and have a go at the new Nintendo 3DS games.
As my children are still quite small, they enjoyed the colouring sheets and meeting the characters. Little Ned enjoyed having a play with the inflatable ones, I think he is going to be a fan.
Ned enjoys the inflatable Pokemon
Amazing cupcakes!
When we got home from the zoo we had a really go at the trading card games which are maths based (by stealth) meaning they are really perfect for little reluctant learners such as the eldest boy. He has been playing the games with his dad all day and I don’t think he realises that its actually helping him with his maths. The Pokémon connection is really helping him because he thinks they are cool. I’m rather impressed and a set of these will be in a few little boys Christmas parcels.
If you want to find out more about Pokémon and all the new stuff in time for Christmas make sure you have a look at the Pokémon website. Interestingly, its one of the most popular websites you’ll find with over 2.5 million unique visors a month!
After the event we had a lovely time wandering around London Zoo which is a magical place. We tried to imagine what super powers each animal would have if it became a Pokémon character and what they might look like. You cant beat a trip to the zoo for inspiring children.
Disclaimer: We enjoyed the Pokemon event and free entry to the zoo in exchange for a mention on the blog.

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