Book Review: Meet the Parents by Peter Bentley and Sara Ogilvie

23rd December 2013 No Comments

This book is a real treat for parents as it is one of those rare children’s books which actually sums up parenthood perfectly. I loved it, I’ll be honest, I loved it much more than the children did. I think the 6 year old thought it was a bit boring, I think he felt a little bit guilty having all the things we do pointed out to him. However, the nearly 2 year old and 4 year old quite happily sat there enjoying the pictures and the rhyme for what it is.

It doesn’t hurt to have all the things that you do for your children highlighted to them and I loved this subtle way of reinforcing that. The rhyming text is brilliant in that it perfectly captures modern parenthood.

Sarah Oglivie’s illustrations are beautiful as ever, one of my children’s favourite books is The Worst Princess which she illustrated and Meet the Parents doesn’t disappoint. It was interesting that they realised that the illustrations were produced by the same person in both books without me telling them.

I think this is a perfect book to give to a new parent to keep to read to their child when they are a pre-schooler. They can enjoy it whilst in the baby phase but they’ll really ‘get it’ and appreciate it once their child begins toddling about asking for toys to be mended and dens to be built.

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