Book Review: What Does the Fox Say? Yvlis, illustrated by Svein Nyhus

23rd December 2013 1 Comment

My children (1, 4, 6) think this book is brilliant. They love the song and go about singing it, to be honest I hadn’t twigged it before the book arrived. That’s how observant I am, at least they weren’t singing Rage Against the Machine or something, I’ve clearly reached that middle aged parent stage where you just don’t connect with everything the children do. Apparently ‘What Does the Fox Say?’ is a YouTube sensation. You live and learn

This is not a work of literary genius, clearly. Its a comedy song. However, the kids like it and it does get them thinking about what noises animals say and so on and we did have a short discussion around that. That was before they burst into song and danced around the room!

The illustrations are fantastic and remind me of folk art, I really like them and many of them could be framed.

It’s a good thing when you find a book that children really actively like, that inspires them and gets them reading and doing stuff other than watching television. For that reason alone I salute Simon and Schuster for their genius in publishing this.

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  • OzzyJLlewelyn 23rd December 2013 at 2:31 pm

    Whilst 'Fox say' is the most annoying song since gangnam style, my 2 yr old absolutely loves it and frankly, listening to her say 'fox say' is just plain hilarious!

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