Review: Braun SkinSpa 2 in 1 Epilation and Sonic Exfoliation System

A couple of weeks ago I went on a child free trip in London for a fabulous afternoon at the Soho Hotel where I got to eat cakes, have champagne, talk to one of my best blogging friends and have a bit of a pampering pedicure with celebrity beautician Nathalie Eleni. This was all to celebrate the launch of Braun’s fantastic new SkinSpa 2 in 1 Epilation and Sonic Exfoliation System.

Of course, I got to enjoy the SkinSpa 2 in 1 Epilation and Sonic Exfoliation System at the hotel. However, I was lucky enough to be gifted one to use at home.  I am really pleased with it, its lovely to have a gadget which can give you an almost salon experience in the home. I have found it simple and straightforward to use and I’m looking forward to a summer where I wont be walking about with shredded legs! You can buy it for £99.98 in Boots at the moment, a bargain and an ideal Christmas gift!

The lovely Nathalie Eleni has written some advice on using the system below for us, if you do happen to  live near to Windsor make sure you check out her spa!

Nathalie Eleni’s signature SkinSpa leg treatment:
1.          Ensure pins are silky smooth in advance with the Braun SkinSpa 2-in-1 Epilation and Sonic Exfoliation System which will leave you with long-lasting smoothness for up to four weeks, meaning you’ll never have to worry about stray hairs during the busy Christmas period. The Braun SkinSpa removes hairs as short as 0.5mm and massaging rollers stimulate the skin for extra gentle hair removal
2.            To begin my signature SkinSpa leg treatment, soak legs and feet in warm water. This is a great way to eliminate sock marks should you be planning on slipping into a leg-revealing outfit
3.             Next, tone and smooth skin with the Braun SkinSpa exfoliation brush, working upwards and towards the heart to help stimulate circulation. The Braun SkinSpa is four times more effective than manual exfoliation alone and will help remove any residual dry or dead skin, minimise ingrown hairs and reveal your skin’s natural radiance. Remember to avoid exfoliating intensively directly before or after epilating as it may leave your skin feeling delicate. Leave a few days in between, so once you have exfoliated your skin I would suggest waiting one or two days before epilating
4.            Now you can indulge your super smooth legs with a short massage using a light, soothing body oil. This will help further stimulate circulation and replenish skin’s moisture
5.            Finish your moisture-boosting massage with an unperfumed body butter to further lock in moisture, and if you have time, complement your glowing skin with a pedicure, using nude polish to accentuate the legs or a pop of red to brighten your skin tone
6.            As a final touch before walking out the door, apply a skin illuminator from knee to ankle to create the illusion of elongated legs and leave skin looking and feeling healthy

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