Review: Maxi Micro Scooter from Bespoke Offers

I’ve mentioned here before how marvellous I think Micro Scooters are. They really are brilliant, well made, robust, fun, ideal for developing balance, light enough for a parent to easily carry. Whats more they come in loads of different colours and can be easily customised; Fifi has a little bag on hers, the boy has lots of clip on pictures. I’ve found that they revolutionised the school run turning what was a traumatic experience with children dragging their feet into something which they look forward to.

When Bespoke Offers offered to send us another Maxi Micro Scooter I jumped at the chance. As the children have been fighting over the one we have, so now they have one each! Maxi Micro Scooters are suitable for ages 6- 12 years old and have adjustable handle bars. They are slightly heavier and much bigger than Micro scooters but are perfect for when your little scooter fan outgrows their Micro Scooter.

Once you own a  Maxi or Micro scooter you’ll find that it goes anywhere and everywhere with you, from scooting in the streets of Bloomsbury to the seaside. My kids are pretty much permanently attached to theirs.

There are not many products where I think its worth investing the extra money to buy the best, but I think in this case it really is worth it because you’ll get so much use out of it. However, at the moment you can get one on a great deal at Bespoke Offers which is a new website from Barclaycard. If you pop over to the site you’ll find loads of great offers, perfect timing with Christmas coming up!


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