Saving you money with new technology

I had an odd week a few weeks ago, someone had spotted the reviews I wrote for the  Remote Heating Control which is a genuinely fantastic app and thermostat. This little gadget has revolutionised our household, meaning that I can access the heating even when we are out and about. We never come back to a cold house and we don’t waste energy on heating an empty home. That, coupled with our Loop has saved us a fortune in energy bills.

I digress, anyway it ended up with our family featuring in a CNBC news clip about innovation in the home. Feel free to check it out here. I’m not sure how well I come across, but I did my best and little Ned looks cute.

My husband is a real gadget fan and we really love it when we get asked to try new technology in our house. We have also been asking for money towards various things for Christmas and Birthdays, thus we are slowly getting a brilliant Sonos music streamer for each room. This has meant the kids watch far less television. Add a Spotify subscription to this and we have new music available to us at any time without the risk of investment.

You could say in the past couple of year I’ve gone from being a technophobe to someone who really loves gadgets and new technology. The main thing I’m lacking is a flashy mobile phone, mine lets me down every time as I can never acquire one which is quite up to speed with the rest of the gadgetry, so if anyone wants me to test one I’d be more than happy to have a go!

The same week we were asked to film the CNBC piece I also went to the Ideal Home Show at Christmas. It was a bit of a shopping scrum and I’m not a shopper, but in the technology section were some really fantastic new products which had me quite excited and gave me something to aim for in terms of new technology for the house.

Top of my list is Hive Active Heating which is a similar thing to our Remote Heating Control but with a lot more functionality. I cant recommend something like this more highly and from experience I can be fairly sure you will save money. Its really simple to install, this is what is included with Hive Active Heating and a nice engineer will come around and do it all for you.

If you are looking at other gadgets can I suggest Virgin Media TV anywhere which allows you to record stuff from your phone if you go out and forget your favourite programme is on. The hubby uses it to record stuff whilst he is out at work, he just needs to find the time to watch it. However, it does mean we don’t have to splash out on box sets which clutter up the house!

Technology in the home is really starting to take off in useful directions, its no longer about male gadgetry, now you can save money and make the household run more smoothly. I for one am impressed!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, but I do hope you find my suggestions useful and enjoy the video!


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