Book Review: Bumpology by Linda Geddes

22nd January 2014 No Comments

Linda Geddes is a New Scientist journalist who began writing a weekly column to find out the truth about all those headlines related to pregnancy. You know, the ones which fuel those parental anxieties that we all have. Rather splendidly her research has now been made into a book.

Its a brilliant book which answers a lot of the questions that you have after reading or being told various bits of ‘advice’ with hard scientific evidence. The light-hearted approach making it a very easy read for pregnancy addled brains!

My only criticism is that each section especially early on could be a little more in depth. Before I knew it the baby was born and she was onto the swaddling, sections on things like why are belly buttons in or out are although interesting, not really why would you buy this book if you came across the title randomly.
Bumpology really is the thinking persons guide to pregnancy it answers loads of questions and fills you with facts to tell others and discuss with your midwife. A fascinating read. You’ll find Linda’s column here and more information about Bumpology here.
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