Book Review: Dino-Mummy by Mark Sperring illustrated by Sam Lloyd

29th January 2014 No Comments

We love a book about dinosaurs in this household and were thrilled when this arrived through the post for us to review. Almost immediately little Ned wanted a read, partly because he likes pink and the cover is very pink and partly because he identified with it, shouting and pointing mummy, baby!!!

This picture books s also about how brilliant Dino-Mummy really is, how much she does in a day and hoe much she looks after her two little dino’s. Its a lovely read with a little pre-schooler and Ned really enjoys it, asking me to read it and looking at it time and time again.

Unusually for this sort of book the text is genuinely a joy to read as its quite energetic and fun with lots of words which can be emphasised. I’m aiming to be as good as Dino-Mummy, maybe one day my kids will write a book like this about me!

Dino-Mummy is out on 13th February which makes it an ideal gift for any mums with pre-schoolers, alongside the obligatory box of chocolates. You’ll find more information about it here.

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