Do your children like their bedroom?

Have a look at some of the lovely selection of monster pictures submitted to the Philips Disney Imaginative Lighting SoftPals competition that I posted about last week. 

Way back when I wrote about my son’s troubles with his bedroom, I didn’t realise how many people have the same issues. Basically, he didn’t like it. He swapped his rooms with his sister, we gave him a torch, nightlight and then eventually turned the light on full at night. The truth is he didn’t want to sleep in his room and he was on a mission to obtain my bedroom because for some reason he felt that was a bit safer, we didn’t give in.
Thinking about the issue of children’s sleeping habits Philips have been working with sleep expert and psychologist Chireal Shallows of the Baby Sleep Clinic to start a deeper conversation about the issue of the kid’s bedroom and making children feel comforted in their bedrooms. Chireal says: “Night-time is the longest period of time our children are alone and away from us, it’s also a time where children and adults close their eyes and are left with their thoughts and images. Without lights children are able to imagine , think and feel  more vividly. It is harder to orientate and ground yourself to self sooth when you cannot see familiar things around you. Using light in the right way helps put children in the right brain state to sleep.”
The Imaginative Lighting SoftPals collection, a selection of Disney character lights that act as a night light for children moving around in the home at night, provide a friendly level of comfort for children. The range helps children cope, they are easy to use and portable. I think they are a very good idea because children can take them anywhere they need a bit of comfort. We have found from bitter experience that when you have a nightlight that plugs in, as soon as you go on holiday and its inevitably in a different place the children wont sleep! This way, you’ll be able to re-create a very similar experience away from home for them and they’ll feel comforted and you might get some sleep!
I’m interested to know your stories about getting your little ones to sleep in their bedroom. Its something that I’m starting to struggle again with little Ned who refuses to sleep in his bed (he’ll even sleep standing up balanced against a chair instead) and so I hope his Imaginative Lighting SoftPal will help solve some of his issues.
Don’t forget the competition I mentioned, the big one to win a trip to Disney ends at the beginning of February.

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  1. Anonymous 26th January 2014 / 8:54 am

    Children get afraid because they&#39;re taught that there are monsters and ghosts. There&#39;s loads of disney movies with varying degrees of good through to rotten monsters in the central plot, and indeed go to church on any Sunday and a child will get more than it&#39;s share of ghosts, devils, demons, punishment and whatnot. <br />I&#39;d bet you won&#39;t find children who have these fears

  2. Anonymous 26th January 2014 / 12:30 pm

    Some 44 years ago, my son was 2 and we&#39;d moved house. There was only him and me. One night I looked on him as usual as I went to bed, and he wasn&#39;t anywhere to be seen. I searched the house, checked the doors and windows, un der the bed, anywhere I could think of. Eventually found him curled up asleep in the bottom of his wardrobe. This happened a few times. It turned out, after lots

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