Featured post: One of our best holidays

Rooms at Butlins Ocean Hotel are ideal for kids!

I’m currently looking at booking our annual holidays. There is a lot to consider as my husband doesn’t have a great deal of annual leave so each day is precious, I need to make the right decisions and make sure that we get the best value for money out of every single day!

Of course, as parents the main aim to make sure the children have a fantastic time because a happy child is a happy parent. One of the absolutely best holiday destinations according to my children is Butlins. We have been a few times and I must admit I have surprised myself because although it couldn’t be further removed from what I would have though I’d enjoy (National Trust tea rooms and remote bleak beaches), our Butlins holidays have been some of the most memorable and fun times we have had as a family.

Our favourite resort is Bognor Regis, which has a little something for everyone. A luxury hotel, fantastic evening entertainment, a fun swimming pool and loads of different options for food. I’ll never forget little Fifi dancing to Angelina at one of the shows, Boy and his dad go-carting and teaching little Ned to swim in the pool. It’s also always really amusing to see what food combinations the children return from the self service buffet with!

The weather forecast isn’t looking too bad for the February at the moment, but even if it rains there is still plenty to do at Butlins in my experience, so why not book a february half term break for 2014. If you do opt for a trip to Bognor Regis resort don’t forget there is also a lot to do in the surrounding area including the rather amazing Bignor Roman Villa. Next time we go I’m going to have to extract the children from the rides and the pool and take them there especially as I once dug at Bignor as an archaeologist, removing them from the resort will be no mean feat!


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