Lego Carcraft Challenge

Earlier on this week Carcraft challenged bloggers to make a short film or take some pictures of an action scene using their Lego. This sort of challenge is totally up our street and Fifi and Boy set to work planning out storylines and thinking about what they might like to do. As you can image it all got very complicated with some rather elaborate storylines. In the end we opted to get each of them to use their videos to learn a little bit more about video editing, so virtually everything you see here has been directed and edited by each child. I hope you enjoy their efforts:

Boy (aged 6) Challenge Video: Lego City Stunt Robber Hunt

Fifi (aged just 5) Challenge Video: Escape from the Castle


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  1. The Brick Castle 2nd February 2014 / 3:58 pm

    They did very well! I can see your son enjoys his cars! 😀

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