Review: Clarks Childrens Shoes

Clarks provide the ultimate in footwear for children in the UK. The termly trip to the shoe shop to be fitted for a new pair was a memorable feature of my childhood and I think it’s going to be something my children remember. A back to school tradition that’s passed down generations! I’m a Clarks girl through and through and I still wear them now.

I was thrilled when Clarks asked us to go along and try their fitting service and get some new school shoes for the Spring term. The question was, which child to choose? In the end I opted for some for the eldest because he has an uncanny knack of literally destroying his shoes. After intense questioning it appears he has actually been wandering about with holes in them for a month or so. I suppose I should have looked and the school probably think I’m some sort of scruff bag evil mother, but frankly I refuse to be shoe maintenance woman as well!

Clarks has two amazing facilities which are not as widely broadcast as they should be. Firstly you can pick a selection of shoes on line to be delivered in store, that prevents meltdowns when the size isn’t available. Secondly you can actually book a fitting appointment, this is a godsend at those particularly busy times of year.

I decided to go for the booking option and went along to our local branch. We were really promptly seen. Each time we go to Clarks they happily measure feet as part of the service (even if you have just had them done somewhere else) to make sure that the shoes fit properly. This is my children’s favourite part of the whole process, probably because they get some attention!

After that, we picked a selection of shoes we fancied and the assistant went out and got them in the right size. Fortunately the ‘cool’ ones Boy had his eye on were available and so they were checked for it and he was allowed to wear them home.

Ok, that’s the abridged version, what actually happened was that the boy was more than happy with his shoes but his siblings then started making noises about new trainers and shoes and before I knew it, in the interests of world peace the shop shoe fitting assistant was providing us with 3 pairs of new shoes.

Overall, everyone was happy, the assistant was very patient despite our demands and the quantity of people queueing up and I’d thoroughly recommend a trip to Clarks for new children’s shoes to anyone. In fact, I’d be hard pressed to think of a better service and better place to go. I’m just waiting for them to send me to test out the adult service!

Disclaimer: We were given a voucher for a pair of children’s shoes, I honestly don’t think you can better them for quality, convenience and service.


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