The Sad Tale of Lost Teddy

After a trip to the Legoland Hotel where lucky little Ned found a teddy in his cot, he developed an attachment to it. Up until that point we thought we had been lucky and escaped having the worry of having to drag around a soft toy comforter, but it was not to be. Teddy soon came everywhere with us and I negated a lot of stress by having him always tied to something.

After a while, it became apparent we would be in severe difficulty at bedtime should we lose teddy so we purchased another one. Ned found that one tucked away and instead of it being a spare it soon became a twin to teddy. To differentiate them he called them Teddy Wee Wee and Teddy Poo Poo. That’s boys for you!

For months and months I successfully navigated around the world with both Teddy’s NOT lost. Then I decided to take Ned for a walk without the pushchair across a field and into a wood. We left the wood happily and at some point across the field and home we lost Teddy!

I cant tell you how bad this was, Teddy was little Ned’s friend, his comforter, his ally in our chaotic household. It was also my husbands birthday. The measure of a man is how far he will go to help his children and Alex surpassed himself by walking across a pitch black farmers muddy farmers field in the rain on his birthday. Unfortunately without any luck.

One stressful day later and we find ourselves on Fifi’s birthday without teddy, so whilst she is at school we embark upon an advertising campaign, laminating posters with my phone number and a picture of teddy. Really, we should have been preparing for Fifi’s party that day. I felt guilty on both accounts, bad parenting at its best. Again, there was no luck. Teddy is well and truly lost.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t easily get hold of another teddy because Legoland is shut this time of year, so we wondered what to do for the best. Luckily little Ned decided he liked a little penguin soft toy which he called Bee-Bee as a replacement and took to cuddling his tenth or so favourite soft toy owl. We managed to keep him reasonably calm for a week or so and I started to hope that teddy would be forgotten, but every time he went in the buggy Ned cried for Teddy. The guilt was quite a lot to bear.

Legoland Windsor really kindly came to the rescue following a series of panicked tweets from us and this Saturday ‘New Teddy’ arrived in the post. Sometimes with soft toys its a case of the old being the best so I was a little bit concerned that Ned wouldn’t like New Teddy. I had nothing to worry about though because as soon as he opened his package he jumped for joy and lost teddy appears to be forgotten. Thank heavens for that, life can resume its usual pattern, Ned can travel in his buggy with Teddy tied on, but this time, if we go for a walk Teddy stays at home!


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  1. A Lauren to Herself 27th January 2014 / 11:50 am

    Great news about teddy, glad a new one turned up safe and sound x

  2. tinkertink2010 27th January 2014 / 7:32 pm

    Awww bless him – so glad he has got his new teddy! xxx

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