Book Review: Penguin in Love by Salina Yoon

1st February 2014 No Comments

Salina Yoon’s beautifully illustrated books about Penguin and the adventures he has are a firm favourite with my three year old niece and my children. That’s usually a good indicator that they really are worth reading and making a permanent feature on the bookshelf. Penguin in Love is no exception to this.

In this cute adventure Penguin takes up knitting, finds a lost mitten and in the process finds someone to love. This is a lovely little story which has the added benefit of being visually lovely. If you are a fan of knitting, you’ll also enjoy the story. In fact, I cant think of many children’s books which feature knitting quite so prominently and its lovely that knitting (a shared interest) brings the penguins together in the end.
If you are looking for a perfect Valentines Day read I can highly recommend Penguin in Love as quite simply, it is delightful.
Disclaimer: We were sent a review copy
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