Book Review: So Cosy by Lerryn Korda

In the mornings there is hardly any room in my bed because from about 5:30 am onwards small children slowly one by one creep in. Therefore I can thoroughly empathise with the dog in So Cosy because he has a similar problem when he is in his basket, even an elephant and a bear get in with him! Suffice to say this is a brilliant book for any child who loves to snuggle up in bed with their parents and siblings.

Perfect for a bedtime read with about 2- 6 year olds its a simple tale with an element of humour and is simply a nice book. Little 5 year old Fifi felt so inspired by it that she drew her own picture based on the story. Now each time my bed becomes so squashed we shout out different adjectives like in the book. Our little bed has become noisy, trumpety, and sneezy and many more things. What fun!

This is what our bed has become according to Fifi!

You can find out more about the book here

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  1. lerryn korda 27th February 2014 / 10:16 am

    thanks for the great review! It&#39;s lovely to see that your daughter has been so inspired – what a great picture!<br />:) Lerryn

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