Disney Universe- Xbox 360 Review

Greetings once more, its Alex here from Daddacool. The lady wife is busy so I’m making merry on her blog. Muhahaha. Today I’m going to be reviewing  Disney Universe on the Xbox 360.
Traditionally kids videogames have been a bleak affair. Not in terms of design of course, they’ve always been full of primary colours and catchy tunes but in the implementation. You see, games studios decided that kids weren’t very discerning so would be happy playing any sort of rubbish. That must be why a few work colleagues complain that they can’t get a game of CoD Modern Warfare because their 11 year olds are monopolising the Xbox 360.

Fortunately Disney Interactive and a few other developers are seeking to address this and actually make kids games with high production values and that are, you know, fun to play. Disney Universe is definitely fun to play, in fact the problem may be letting your kids alone with it long enough so they can play it. It’s fun. A lot of fun. But it’s also easy enough to play for the average 7 year old. The game is certified 7+ because of the level of violence. It is a violent game but the violence is akin to Wiley Coyote getting beaten senseless in a Loony Toons cartoon rather than someone headshotting you with a sniper rifle. I don’t think it will disturb many seven year olds. Under supervision we even let our 4 year old have a go once I’d played it through to make sure it wasn’t completely unsuitable.

The game itself has a plot of sorts that sees a virus infecting the computer than runs the Disney Universe, making characters behave all mean to each other. It’s up to the player (and his/her playdate friends if you’re lucky) to set things right. The game is a third person action adventure game, where your cute little blue player can dress up as a multitude of Disney characters, ranging from the likes of that irritating warthog from the Lion King to Captain Jack Sparrow. Sadly, Woody and Buzz Lightyear aren’t usable from the start, mark my words, there will be tears!

There are several words to quest your way through, collecting coins to unlock things and the action can get quite frenetic. Don’t be disappointed if you have to step in and give you children a hand, even if it isn’t strictly necessary.
Fully recommended, this is a must have kids games that parents will probably get some guilty pleasure from and at £33 (RRP £39.99) on Amazon at the moment. Disney Universe is released on 28 October.

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