Film Review: Barbie the Pearl Princess

26th February 2014 No Comments

The Barbie film franchise is another one which you cant really go wrong with. The topics are all safe with a tiny bit of mild peril, good messages and so forth. It means you can let the kids watch them without worrying and get on and do something else. However, there is another thing about the Barbie films, you can actually watch them with the kids and not find yourself too bored as they are actually quite good.

Barbie the Pearl Princess is no exception and I was pleased I accepted an invite to go along to a cinema screening with the children. In this adventure Barbie plays Lumina a mermaid who lives with her aunt and finds herself at a special ball at the palace. Its a simple enough story with goodies, baddies and of course Lumina has a special sea horse friend and some special powers. All of my children ranging from 2 to nearly 7 were all enraptured and really enjoyed the film. I liked it too, but don’t tell anyone!

One thing I’ve noticed is that the animation in the Barbie movies is really dramatically improving over time and Barbie the Pearl Princess has to be the best looking film yet which makes it an easy view. You’ll find it at selected cinemas and soon to be released on DVD, enjoy! If you want to take your child to the cinema you’ll find the best time to go is for Kids AM on a Saturday or Sunday morning when there is a very special rate, well worth checking out, its our favourite time to go.

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