Museums, Children and Buttons

One of the things that I try to do with my children is to take them around museums as much as possible. I want them to understand that museums are fun, engaging and exciting places and not dry and dull. Without a doubt the best museums are those which have lots of inter-actives and frankly for primary school aged children and below the more simplistic they are the better. I tend to think you cant go wrong with a few buttons or some old fashioned telephones to speak into or listen to.
Today I took little 2 year old Ned along to Stockwood Discovery Centre which is a brilliant free local museum and he quickly found the interactive all about brakes. Suffice to say he was engaged for at least 20 minutes (it could easily have been more but I got fed up). He learnt all about cause and effect: pressing the button causes the wheel to turn and pressing the brake causes it to stop. I think he also learnt about different sorts of brakes, perhaps he’s going to be an engineer…

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