Snowflake USB microphone review

Hello, it’s hubby here, moonlighting from Daddacool to review the rather fab Snowflake USB microphone for wifey.

You might wonder what use a separate microphone is for a desktop or laptop computer. I certainly did before I got my mitts on the Snowflake USB microphone. I’m typing this on my Asus EEE 1215 netbook. It’s got a built in microphone and webcam, so I thought it wouldn’t have benefited from another microphone. Boy, was I wrong. You know how you can make a “telephone” with two yoghurt pots and a piece of string but it’s not exactly an iPhone is it? That’s the difference between a built in microphone and something like the Snowflake USB microphone. It’s a portable device, which fits into its own case (shame there’s no drawstring bag though) which holds a small usb cable. The actual microphone as you see it to the right folds flat in the case.

The design is robust and the sound quality is excellent. It really shines with something like Skype, but I’ve also used it for making Audioboo’s, podcasts and recording interviews. It’s small enough to slip into a bag (and even a handbag, I’ve checked for the thoroughness of this review). All you have to do is simply plug it into a computer and it automagically works. We’ve been using to to record elderly relatives war time memories. It’s brilliant because you don’t have to have the microphone right in their face to pick everything up with crystal clarity.

The Snowflake USB microphone retails for £59.99 but if you shop around, you can pick it up for around £40. It’s a lot for a microphone but not a lot for a robust device that gives such audio clarity.


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