World Book Day Costumes from Angels the Costumiers

March 6th is ingrained in my brain because its World Book Day. I’m very excited about this because as a director of St Albans Literary Festival and mum of three small children I can see its value and purpose, unlike a lot of other special ‘days’. Not only does it encourage people to read more books, it highlights the value of books and also, lets be honest, it is a fantastic excuse to get dressed up.

I was absolutely thrilled when Angels The Costumiers invited me to go along to their store to have a look at their costumes and pick a costume for World Book Day for one of my children. Regular readers will know I absolutely love costume, I used to curate a costume collection and its been one of my life-long interests. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make the tour, although I’m hoping to get on one of the regular public tours. So, Angels really kindly sent me a fab costume for us to have a look at.

It’s really easy to find an appropriate outfit using Angels handy costume finder filter . Since this year marks 100 years since the start of WW1 we are reading all manner of books around that topic. So far, we have read War Horse which, although upsetting, has inspired the eldest to find out more. Fortunately Horrible Histories: Terrible Trenches is on the World Book Day list and so it was an obvious choice for us to opt for the WW1 Boy outfit

I must say, from the moment it came I was impressed and I don’t think I could get a better more accurate outfit for a 7 year old. It is hard wearing, but light weight enough to wear over some light clothes and perfect for running around in re-enacting scenes from the trenches. It will also do very nicely for the dressing up day at school and various other events this year.

I’m very pleased with the service from Angels the Costumiers and the outfit we received. To be honest I cant think of a better  more easy way of removing all the stress that comes with finding a fancy dress costume for school dressing up days. Big thumbs up from our household and do make sure you bookmark the page so you can find something perfect in time for World Book Day at your school!


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  1. Pippa W 25th February 2014 / 5:48 pm

    What a brilliant costume! So what are you going to be dressing up as?!

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