Book Review: Don’t Call me Sweet by Smriti Prasadam- Halls Illustrated by Angie Rozelaar

Sometimes a book comes along which all the children enjoy so much they want to read it ever single bedtime for a week. This is one of those books. It is about a little monster who is really sweet looking and cute but wants to be considered stinky, slimy and scary. Until the end when he realises that actually its quite useful to be sweet. I think my children could identify a little bit with the monster which might be why they liked it so much. They now go around the house saying’ Don’t call me sweet!’ It’s ever so sweet…

With some fab illustrations and a great concept behind the story this is a lovely picture book which I am sure your children would enjoy as much as mine do.

In terms of follow on activities we have acted out being monsters and had lots of fun drawing our own sweet little monsters. I also took the book along to Beaver Scouts and we used it as the basis of making some monster masks for a group team work activity.

You can find all the information you need about the book here.

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