Book Review: How Many Planets Circle the Sun? and other questions about Our Solar System? by Mary Kay Carson

If you like your fact books densely packed and picture book size then this is perfect for you. The book takes the format of a different question on each page and some quite detailed text in answer with a large photograph or illustration. It is one of those books which if you are interested in the subject matter you wont be able to put down. I enjoyed it.

However, I had intended that it might be really good for the children from Year 2 onwards and I think to be honest its a little bit dense for that age range, more suited to Year 5 and 6 at least. With my children I used it as a resource from which I could paraphrase the answers to the questions and it worked well enough like that because of the quality of the images. Since Fifi in Reception is learning about space I used it a lot!

All, in all a handy book to have on the shelf and I’m looking forward to seeing other books in this series as  I found it full of interesting facts, so many I think I may have driven the husband mad!

Disclaimer: I was gifted a copy of this book for review purposes.

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