Book Review: The Dawn Chorus by Suzanne Barton

27th March 2014 No Comments

From the minute I saw this book I knew that I’d enjoy reading it to little Ned and Fifi. The Dawn Chorus is a gorgeous book with perfect illustrations and a great message about how its alright to be different. One of the lovely things about this book is that its a gentle story and the message is really subtle. I loved that the bird turned out to be a nightingale and it gave us the chance to talk about The Dawn Chorus and different  types of birds. A perfect springboard for talking about nature as well as difference in life.

The two year old and five year old are the harshest critics of picture books and for them this book has become a firm favourite. I’ve read it to little two year old Ned at least twice a day since it arrived. It has got them thinking and slightly unfortunately, I think Fifi may now recognise the Dawn Chorus outside her window!

Suzanne Barton is clearly a really talented children’s author and illustrator and I’m really excited to see what she produces next. If you like your books looking good and you’re looking for the perfect bedtime read then I think I’ve found it for you. If you’d like to order a copy you can find all the publishers information here.

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