Book Review: The Strongest Boy in the World by Jessica Souhami

The Strongest Boy in the World is the tale of Kaito who is stronger than all the other boys in his village. He sets off to compete in the world famous Sumo wrestling tournament against lots much bigger boys and men. On the way to the tournament he meets a girl called Hana who is stronger than Kaito and trains him up. Its a story based on a Japanese tale that was first recorded in the 13th Century.

We read this book for bedtime reading last night and we haven’t stopped talking about it. Not only are the illustrations lovely (to be expected from Jessica Souhami) but the story has something about it which strikes a deep chord.

I think its so important that children are familiar with stories from all over the world and this is one which has been made really accessible. It really appealed to my nearly seven year old boy although his sister loved the idea that Hana, the girl ,could be stronger.

At the moment the book is in hardback and is nicely presented making it perfect for an unusual birthday gift for any little children who have developed in interest in things Japanese and those whose bookshelves lack traditional tales.

You can find out more here.

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