Competition News: What Matters to You Most?

I’ve just had news of a fantastic competition run by John Lewis Insurance to win £500 of John Lewis Partnership Vouchers. This one is great not only because you can win a fab prize, but also because if you look at the entries its actually a really interesting insight into the things people value in the UK today. Its the first competition I’ve seen for ages where I’ve actually spent a fair amount of time looking through all the entries. If you are nosey like me and you want to have a chance of winning here are the details:

The Competition

John Lewis Home Insurance protects the things that matter most to you, so we’d like you to share the mementos and keepsakes you couldn’t be without.
Choose an object that means the most to you, take a photo and tell us why it’s important in six words for your chance to win £500 in John Lewis Partnership vouchers that you could spend on an heirloom of the future. Submit your picture here – You can also use #whatmattersmost to see some of the other entries and engage with people about your entry. You’ll have to be quick as the competition ends Wednesday 26th March!
If you’ve now had a look at the competition entries you know that you can find a real snapshot of peoples lives, ideas and values. I loved looking at peoples teddy’s, rings, photos and even a Victorian iron! Its a mini museum exhibition in itself, I do hope they turn it into a book or something.
I’d save this drawing of a tiger done by my eldest aged 5

Personally I think I would save the locks of my children’s hair which I saved after their first haircuts or some of their early art work. I’d also have to make sure we have Teddy, especially after losing him the other week!

I’d have to save teddy or I wouldn’t get any sleep!
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