Enjoying some books with Netflix!

One of the things which has really encouraged my little reluctant reader (aged nearly7) is watching the film or TV adaptation of a book. This has worked especially well with Harry Potter where he watched the films before reading the books and was enthused about reading the books as he loved the films. Conversely, he has really enjoyed telling me all about whats going to happen in something he is watching because he has read the book!

Its all good news as far as I’m concerned because the joy of books and losing yourself in a story is one of the best gifts you can give a child. Sometimes a little reluctant reader needs to be encouraged in a way where they don’t even realise they are being encouraged. I’ve now got a rule in our house where they can only watch television after school if what they are watching is based on a book that either they have read or they are going to read and I’m surprised at how well this is working.

Of course, its really hard to do this with the conventional television channels and that’s where Netflix has really come into its own for us as there are so many options for them to choose from. Here are a few examples:

Titles based on books for smaller kids available on Netflix:


Titles based on books for older kids available on Netflix:




Netflix have come up with 5 tips on how to make story time more fun:

1.) Dress up as the characters from your favourite books with your child for story time. You don’t necessarily need expensive outfits, whip out the face paints and get creative!
2.) Discuss the book after reading; did your child enjoy it? What did they learn? Would they like to read it again? Who was their favourite character and why? 
3.) Read out loud and  give spirit to the characters – make it a family affair! Whether that be mum, dad or a grandparent children will relish the opportunity to spend time with the family.
4.) A great incentive to get your child reading is to watch the TV show or film on Netflix after you have finished the book as a reward.
5.) Make story time fun with an easy to follow craft idea.

Its not just for kids though!

As with anything its not just about the children and I must admit I’ve recently been choosing books to read because they have film adaptations. This gives me a great excuse to snuggle up on the sofa and watch a movie. It’s a great incentive even as an adult to get you reading things you wouldn’t normally choose. Have a little look at all these films and television programmes available to watch at the moment based on books.



I must admit, since we got Netflix I’ve used it far more than I thought I would. However, it really has surprised me how much it has influenced the amount and types of things we read in our household. It’s encouraging my eldest to discover all manner of stories and made reading much more attractive to him because he can see for himself where it can take you and what sort of adventures people in books have. For me I’ve discovered some brilliant books which I wouldn’t have considered reading and I’ve really enjoyed having some ‘directed’ television viewing! I think its well worth the cost per month, its fantastic having so much choice about what to watch without having to buy or store millions of DVDs!

Disclaimer: I’m really thrilled to be doing some projects with Netflix this year so I can highlight the fantastic content that they have, I genuinely think its a brilliant service.

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