New ISA’s explained in a really simple way by Scottish Friendly

I don’t know if you are anything like me, but despite having a husband who is an accountant I’m in a total muddle when it comes to financial things. Part of the problem is that I really genuinely cant understand a lot of the jargon, I mean, its one of those things they really should teach you at school isn’t it!

Scottish Friendly have sent me a brilliant guide which explains a lot of stuff. I’ve copied a snapshot of it here for you, but you can find it on the Scottish Friendly Website

As you can see there is lots of information written in a straightforward way. I was astonished to find out for example that one bag of crisps was the same as saving £1 a day in a new ISA. I think its encouraged me to try to economise a bit on things and put that money into an ISA! 
scottish Friendly have also produced this  simple video have a look, its probably the best way of absorbing all the information quickly and if you are anything like me you’ll find yourself brimming with facts once you’ve watched it.
Disclaimer: This is a featured post, I thought it was an interesting and helpful topic, especially in this economic climate! 


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