Some Interesting World Book Day Costume Reseach

I’ve just been reading some really interesting research from Sainsbury’s which reveal that 84% of parents love reading to their children, with over one third of parents (35%) wishing they could read more to their kids to encourage them to read, learn and let their imagination run wild. I must admit I love reading to the children, but I do sometimes find that it can be challenging to capture their imagination and get them to listen as much as I’d like them to.

With World Book Day upon us my children will be dressing up as their favourite characters from books and its something that they do quite a lot in actual fact. We have lots of different costumes based on book characters and that has encouraged them to read the books.

In the Sainsbury’s poll, when asked which book characters were the best role models for children, Brave, Superman and Snow White won the most votes. The Gruffalo (16%) came out on top in the South West for being adventurous; however Superman (14%) was the favourite for parents in the North West for his selfless trait.

1.     Brave (Disney) – Confidence – 29.4% – Scotland 

2.     Superman – Selfless – 25.9% – North West

3.     Snow White – Romantic – 22.1% – Wales

4.     Rapunzel – Romantic – 19.8% – London

5.     The Gruffalo – Adventurous – 14.2% – South West

6.     Spiderman – Reliable – 12.6% – Northern Ireland 

7.     Dorothy – Loyal – 11.7% – North West

8.     Sleeping Beauty – Friendly – 10.3% – London

9.     Batman – Strong – 10.2% – North East

10.  Iron Man – Strong – 4.7% – Wales

My own little world book day person!

An another note the survey found that 89% of children would like a celebrity to read them a story with one in five boys choosing David Beckham (23%), whilst girls said they would pick Katy Perry (18%). That’s rather fortunate because the people behind World Book Day have this covered and have created World Book Day TV, it’s really worth checking out as there are lots of things to capture children’s imagination.

From Tuesday 4th March, Sainsbury’s, will be hosting in-store ‘Make Believe’ events nationwide, to support the nation’s reading week complete with reading corners and activities to encourage children to read more and inspire parents to get involved. Sainsbury’s is encouraging children to read more by exploring the world of books and dress up as their favourite fictional characters.

Disclaimer: I received no compensation for this post, I thought it was quite interesting!


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