The Breakfast Survival Guide

1st March 2014 No Comments

Breakfast is one of the worst times in our household because each child appears to want to eat some thing different, everyone is grumpy and stressed and I’m trying to do several things at once.
That’s why when I heard about the new Breakfast Survival Guide from Nestle I thought it would be worth flagging up. Its a new guide which provides lots of tips on getting through breakfast smoothly.

I was invited to the launch event of the guide but I couldn’t make it thanks to a series of factors. Therefore, I can’t tell you about the launch event, but I can tell you about the research that Nestle Cereals have done to accompany the guide; they found that speed is of the essence in family homes across the UK, as almost two thirds of parents (61%) reveal they have more than 10 tasks to perform every morning – and less than six minutes to complete each of them. According to the new research 70% of parents say they have less than an hour to get through a to do list that includes checking homework, walking the dog, getting everyone washed and dressed – as well making breakfast – before finally making it out the door.

Since having healthy breakfast is a key factor in influencing children’s abilities at school, I’m sure you will agree that is really worthwhile to get your children into good habits as soon as possible. I think Nestle have created a great guide full of handy tips and you can download the guide for free here

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