Where Does the Time Go?

There haven’t been many actual blogs about family life recently and that is a bit sad because the blog is a record of our family life. The problem is that I’ve simply run out of time, I seem to be busier than ever.

The bulk of my time at the moment is being spent either looking after Ned who is increasingly demanding and vocal about things. He is also helping me try to get the house in order before the summer. Unfortunately it has suffered from a couple of years of neglect and basic things which need to be maintained now need to be re-done, replaced and cleaned.

So, I’ve taken things a bit in hand. A window cleaner has been employed on a 12 weekly basis (we don’t have any money really) since I realised we hadn’t properly cleaned the majority of the windows in seven years. Note, the house is now much lighter and brighter with clean windows.

I’ve been slowly decanting things to the charity shop since its nearly impossible to sell or even give anything away where I live. This is a task and a half and seems to be very time consuming so I need to keep reminding myself that it is worthwhile in the long term as there are added benefits of space and less clutter.

Now little Ned is 2 he is taking up a considerable amount of my time, he is a clever little fella and demands to know what is going on at all moments of the day. He also needs to be entertained and constantly supervised as he explores his world and sees just what he can get away with. Recently he has attempted to make his own cakes, resulting in icing sugar spread everywhere and has tried on my lipstick to comic effect. We have been on various day trips to museums, galleries and the zoo together and its been a bonding experience for us both. I’ve enjoyed my time with him immensely.

Although I’ve been helping out as a parent helper at Beaver Scouts for a while, I have now taken on the role of assistant leader in order to allow more children to join our group. It has been brilliant fun and I’m really enjoying devising projects and activities for them. However, coupled with my assistant leader role in Young Archaeologists Club I’m finding more and more of my time vanish somehow and my overall time without being around children diminishing!

The other big reason why I haven’t done a great deal here on the blog is that I’m now part of the team trying to set up the first St Albans Literary Festival. This has taken far more of my time than I anticipated but it has been brilliant fun so far and a great learning curve.

So, as you can see, all in all life is incredibly busy. I’m starting to think that its the busiest I’ve ever been. However, I think this marks a bit of a change in life generally for me, I do feel more content than I have done in a while and I like the fact that I am offering something back to society finally.


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