A Great Way to Remember Your First Start-rite Shoes!

I like to have my childrens shoes properly fitted, but I also like to check the fit myself. Thats where Start-rite come in because they actually sell foot guages and handy little printable guides for measuring your childrens feet. Now, I must admit, I like Start-rite because they are very well made shoes, the sort of thing I had when I was little and what I could only really dream of now. You wont find tacky garish colours or toys in their shoes, you just get good quality well made shoes.

One of the things which Start-rite have developed which I think is lovely (and I wish they had done it when my eldest was tiny as with a first baby its these sorts of things which you really cherish) is the chance to make a special customised video with your first pair of shoes. Here is an example of the sort of thing:

If that isn’t cute enough, you can share it with your friends and family across social media. I think this is the perfect thing for grandparents. Its really simple to do, within each shoe box of selected First Shoes styles is a unique six digit code and all you need to do is log on to www.startritefirstshoes.co.uk to enter your code and create your video.

Fifi was sent a lovely patent pair of school shoes to try out by Start-rite and they are absolutely gorgeous. I know she’ll get loads of wear out of them because I have bought my children many a pair of Start-rite shoes in the past for school. I’ve found that they are slightly harder wearing than the other brands out there, especially for my boys who seem to get through a pair of shoes every couple of months for school if I opt for the cheaper brands. There are absolutely loads of fantastic shoes in the range and I’d urge you to go and have a little at them.

You can buy Start-rite shoes from their website (excellent return policy) or (in my experience) via John Lewis and Jones the Bootmaker. We love them and I can also recommend their wellies which are incredibly hard wearing!


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