#AhoyLegoland; Pirate Adventures for all the Family at Legoland Windsor Resort

Legoland Windsor just keeps getting better and better. Each time we visit there is something new to see and do so we were really thrilled to hear all about the new adventure playground at the resort. If Pirate Shores is anything like the revamped Duplo Valley playground the kids really are in for a treat. We were invited along to try it out but rather unfortunately it isn’t finished so all I could do is stare at the hoardings in anticipation of the frenzy which will be induced in my children when it is.

The whole pirate area has been revamped and one of the highlights is the Pirate Falls Treasure Quest Log Flume ride which has 100 new Lego models to spot as you join Captain Goodbrick on his quest for the treasure quest. You’ll also be pleased to hear that there is a new burger kitchen in this area, rather handy for hungry little pirates!

To be honest though, there is so much to do that it really didn’t matter in the slightest that the adventure playground wasn’t finished as my children set about the challenge of visiting every single ride and attraction in the park in a day. I’m convinced this isn’t possible and I think I was proved right when TEN hours later we staggered out of the park disappointed that we hadn’t been on the Skyride, the cinema or the Hero Factory. Now, to be fair the husband thinks he went on the large Dragon roller coaster at least seventeen times (with two separate  children) and there was an immensely long wait for the boating lake.

Enjoying the view before embarking on the Dragon Rollercoaster

One of the things which people always ask is whether there is enough to do for the under three year old age group. I’d say that there was plenty, I think the only issue is when you have older children because either the group splits up or there is a little bit of waiting as the minimum height is 90 cm for lots of the rides. That said, little Ned enjoyed the Laser Quest in the Egyptian temple,  Atlantis submarine ride, the train rides, the Enchanted boat ride, the Pirates of Skeleton Bay show and the entire Duplo Valley/ mini land. I’d happily just take him personally, as I don’t really like roller coasters and I was forced onto a train uppy downy thingy which left me dazed for the rest of the day- thanks husband for that!

How many kids can you fit in a Lego racing car?

I’m not going to pretend that Legoland is a great cultural experience or anything, its literally just pure unadulterated fun. I have so many happy memories of trips to Legoland with the children that it really will be one of those places I remember going my entire life. I always think that its a really good idea to have a few places where the family can bond and enjoy a bit of fun together without any pressure and Legoland is one of those places. If you haven’t been before its really worth a trip and even if you have been, there will soon be the new Pirate Shore playground to enjoy. Book in a trip with the family this season, I know we will definitely be back!

Inside the Duplo Valley playground

Disclaimer: We were given free entry to the resort and some food vouchers, but we would have gone and loved it anyhow!


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