An Easter Afternoon Tea with Waitrose

I love the Easter holidays, not only is it a chance to spend a bit of time outdoors with the children after the long winter days, its also the perfect excuse to eat lots of chocolate and enjoy cake with friends. For me all these excuses for eating are the best part of Easter, I know I’ll regret it afterwards, but hey, at least the weather is usually good enough to enable me to go out for a run or bike ride!

Apparently sharing a hot cross bun with another is supposed to ensure friendship throughout the coming year. I’m sure regular tea dates and fine cakes probably have the same effect! Therefore I was really thrilled when Waitrose Groceries asked me to host my very own afternoon Easter tea and report back on what we did.

Simnel Cake

First stop, a trip to Waitrose to survey the goodies on offer. I thought I’d splash out and opt for mini ham and cucumber sandwiches,  More Food Handmade Traditional Simnel Cake and Hot Cross buns for the adults. For the children I chose lots of mini sausage rolls, apples (to be chopped up), mini Easter themed cupcakes and lots of mini chocolate Lindt Rabbits and Easter Eggs, its only Easter once a year after all. To keep the little ones busy I found some special Easter Bubble mixtures for each of them and we did loads of crafts courtesy of a bumper pack of goodies from Baker Ross.

Easter Cupcakes!

Having afternoon tea with friends is one of the nicest ways to spend a bit of free time. I’d go so far as to say I much prefer it to going out to the pub. It’s a perfect way to spend a bit of lazy time, having a chat and generally catching up. It was great to have a variety of treats to eat and out of everything I think the Simnel Cake went down best. I could have eaten the whole cake myself it was that delicious.

Fun with bubbles

Having this little tea party was a bit of a revelation in that I realised how nice it actually is to do a proper spread of food rather than offer a little bit of cake or a biscuit. It was lovely to get out my cake stand and lay and decorate the table properly. I’m going to make sure I do something like this every couple of months. So, thank you very much Waitrose you gave us a perfect Spring afternoon. If you want to have a look at the Easter selection from Waitrose you’ll find it here. There are loads of other Easter ideas from Waitrose here.


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