Book Review: Dylan’s Amazing Dinosaurs The Tyrannosaurus Rex by E. T. Harper and Dan Taylor

What could possibly be better than a free pop up dinosaur to collect with each book? Well, a book with brilliant illustrations, well written and providing some gentle genuine learning opportunities, that’s what! Dylan’s Amazing Dinosaurs is a brilliant little picture book aimed at 3 + year olds.

I have to say my children from 2 to 7 years all enjoyed the story and were really keen to read it over and over again. They were particularly excited by the idea of a tree house full of fantastic things. It’s little things like this in books which really capture children’s imagination.
As dinosaur enthusiasts my little gang were keen to consider the story and so we made our own tree houses out of boxes and some more little cardboard dinosaurs to join T- Rex. I love it when a book sparks off a bit of creativity.
I’m really looking forward to the next books in this series as if this one is anything to go by they will be brilliant! I think I may also buy a few more copies as this is a perfect birthday gift for any little dinosaur fan. You’ll find all the information on it here.
You can get a copy here:

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