Book Review: Found by Salina Yoon

Salina Yoon’s Penguin books are a really big hit in our house. My favourite one is Penguin in Love which tells the tale of two penguins falling in love via the medium of knitting!

Found is the story of Bear who finds a lost bunny and despite looking for its owner cant find them, so instead enjoys time with bunny himself. There is a really lovely heartwarming twist at the end of the story which actually does bring a little tear to the eye. Especially if as an adult you have or had a special soft toy.

This is an exceptionally useful book in that it works equally well for pre-schoolers and for those in the early stages of reading and comprehension. The early readers can read it and you can also discuss inferences and deductions about what Bear feels which will help with their comprehension.

I really think that Salina Yoon’s distinctive artistic style and the quirkiness of her stories sets her apart from the usual children’s picture books. They are a joy to read for both myself and  my husband. I’ve got a little list in my head of books which I’m going to keep when the children grow out of them and her books feature in that list. You can find out more about her and have a look at her illustration on her website:

Order a copy here:

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