Hair straighteners are dangerous for kids!!!

We all use hair straighteners and I’m no different from anyone else here. Sometimes when I’m in a hurry in the morning when Ned’s kept us up all night, I might even just tidy my hair up with my pair before dashing off on the school run.

Whilst hair straighteners are a great modern convenience, I never realised that they were responsible for 1 in 10 burns among children! You see, when they’re fully heated up, hair straighteners can get up to 220 degrees Celsius and also take up to forty minutes to cool down until they’re safe to touch for kids. You see, kids have skin that can be up to 15 times thinner than an adults.

Leaving my hair straighteners around was something I was definitely guilty of until Electrical Safety First contacted me for this campaign. Now I’m ultra careful and I hope as a result of this you will be too.

You can find out more on the Electrical Safety First website or you can watch this very informative (and terrifying) video:

This post was published in collaboration with Electrical Safety First

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