Just Like Being in the Famous Five!

Going for a walk with the family is one of the nicest things you can do, not only is it free and you’re getting some exercise but it is a time when you can talk and explore together. For us, it’s always memorable.
Like everyone, there are some areas which we go to time and time again. Despite the changing seasons it can be a challenge convincing the children to visit again and so I’ve started thinking about different ways to engage them. There are loads of free resources and ideas out there and we like to use:
The other thing which works very well is to read a book and then use that as a source of inspiration. So for example, we have taken walks where we have hunted for Julia Donaldson’s Stick Man and members of his family whilst  Eric Carles amazing books and activity sheets  have inspired us to collect stuff to make collages of animals. Walks over the varied landscape of Hatfield Forest have turned into adventures using Michael Rosen’s We’re Going on  Bear Hunt  and more recently Shouty Arthur  has reminded us not to be too noisy on our quests.
Since we started reading The Famous Five we have decided to be the Famous Five and re-create their adventures in which picnic’s feature heavily. This has added a whole new dimension to country walks and to be honest has enabled me to pretend that I’m little again.

Getting out and about in the countryside is often hungry work and Yeo Valley has some great recipes that are suitable for a whole range of outdoor pursuits. Our favourite is the Campfire Sausages with Cider sauce which is the perfect warming, tea time treat when we’ve been busy exploring all day. They’ve also just launched their latest on-pack promotion where from March to July you can win one of two classic VW Campervans. So if all this talk of exploring and adventures has got you thinking then why not enter for a chance to win!

Disclaimer: I’m a Yeo Valley Brand Ambassador. 


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