Review: Disney Cars Action Shifter Flo’s V8 Café Dragstrip

Sometimes you see a toy which you think is perfect for your kids and so I agreed to review the Disney Cars Action Shifter Flo’s V8 Cafe Dragstrip. We were really excited when it arrived and promptly set to work building it. Maybe it was me, but this proved to be really quite fiddly and I had to resort to asking the seven year old and his mate how they thought it might work before going through millions of YouTube videos. This didn’t endear me to it readers.

Once you’ve set up the dragstrip, the next disappointment is that although its for racing it only comes with ONE car. Repeat, one car, its a track for two cars so we found ourselves going through our toy cars to find one which might work with it because obviously they wanted to race. So, if you do get this do make sure you get another car.

In terms of fun, the kids enjoyed playing with it, but its not as versatile (although there do appear to be other sets) as Hot Wheels and they soon went back to that. I think however, if you have  Disney Cars fan, they’ll enjoy playing with it and it represents reasonable value. The Disney Cars Action Shifter Flo’s V8 Cafe Dragstrip is suitable for ages 3+ and is available at most usual on-line retailers.



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