Review: Hot Wheels Double Jump Duel

Sometimes review items come along at the most opportune moments and so, after a pleasing parents evening we came home to find Hot Wheels Double Jump Duel waiting to be opened. Brilliant, the kids had a toy for being fab and we could give them something for being fab!

All 3 kids really like their Hot Wheels toys, they have the garage and a sort of spring loaded dinosaur track, they also have a number of cars. If I’m being honest, along with the Imaginext, Lego and Playmobil its the toy which gets played with the most in our household. This always surprises me as it strikes me as a bit flimsy especially for a 2 year old. However, it is durable and inter-changeable and I think that is its appeal. Rather like a more sophisticated wooden track track equivalent for the car crazed child rather than the train crazed!

The Double Jump Duel certainly doesn’t disappoint and its now been constructed and constantly played with in the middle of my living room floor for 3 days. Its a quick set to build which is great, but it appears to be endless fun and the children have been taking it in turns setting up their cars and having lots of duels. From the noise they are making its hilarious, fun and exciting. Interestingly there is also a lot of sharing going on which is brilliant and shows how good it is as a toy for the 5- 8 year old age group in particular which I am finding is quite a tricky one as far as toys go.

The only criticism I have of the whole set which is reasonably priced, fun, as durable as the rest of the range and can be added to, is that it only comes with one car. As a household with lots of Hot Wheels cars this isn’t an issue, but if we didn’t have other cars it would be an immediate disappointment since you couldn’t duel which sort of defies the point of the track really.

This is a great fun toy for the price and if your children like this sort of thing then they are sure to love it, its also a good one for those random birthday presents you have to find very quickly!

You’ll find it here and at other major retailers.

If you are not familiar with HotWheels, have a look here:


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