Review: Ice Age 4; Continental Drift Blu-Ray


The Ice Age movies are perfect to illustrate the value of a Blu-Ray player, they are colourful, joyful films which look spectacular on Blu-Ray. Ice Age 4 is exactly what you’d expect from an Ice Age film, the usual characters feature in this film and some pirates. My children are pirate obsessed, its a match made in heaven for them.

I must admit, I didn’t sit and watch it in detail with the kids because I know that the films are safe, family fun and at the moment I’m a little bit busy being Father Christmas. However, they sat and watched the film and have demanded to watch it again, again and again. I knew they would, they love the films and Scrat the prehistoric squirrel always has them falling about the floor laughing. Did you know that Scrat is responsible for continental drift? Ha!

But everything else aside I find there is a real value in the Ice Age movies in that  you can use them to introduce very young kids to quite complicated scientific concepts. We have talked about glaciation, geological time, the movement of continents and how you can actually find frozen mammoths in Siberia since watching the movie at the start of the week.

If you have the previous Ice Age movies you’ll have to get this one to complete your collection. It would make any pirate/ dinosaur child very happy indeed although I’m not sure as an adult it will grab your attention but then few kids movies do really do they?

If you want to buy a copy you’ll find it in all the usual places. Check out the trailer here

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