Review: Walking With Dinosaurs; The Movie

16th April 2014 No Comments

You cant go wrong in our household with a dinosaur movie. As a family of fossil hunters we all have a keen interest in dinosaurs and ambitions to actually find one in the future. I think this movie uses some of the footage from the BBC television series and frankly it looks awesome.

Walking With Dinosaurs; The Movie tells the tale of a little boy who doesn’t like dinosaurs, he discovers a dinosaur tooth thanks to a bird pointing it out and then the world around him turns into the dinosaur world. Well, this is my seven year olds take on it. I actually couldn’t get much of a look in because I used the digital download code on my ipad! The children then sat glued to the screen and I was occasionally allowed the chance to look at some of the bits which they considered super awesome.

From what I saw my only criticism was that it does come across as rather American and I did find the use of the world ‘mom’ rather grating. I thought that the whole movie was brilliant in that it was really educational for the children and they were really glued to the whole thing (they are aged 2, 5 and 7).

Afterwards at dinner we were discussing it and I was told that the best place to be in a herd is in the middle and that’s where the kids would aim for if they were dinosaurs. I thought that was brilliant, I was really impressed.

 This is a totally watchable, great educational movie. It really makes a change to find something where the kids passively learn without even realising. Yes, its quite American and from what I heard and saw some of the scripts could have been a little bit more polished, however if you think of it like you would any other animated movie then they don’t seem bad. I think its because the dinosaurs look so polished and real you expect a BBC natural history style documentary and as an adult its quite hard to get your head around that. As I say though, my kids had no issues at all and they are all keen to watch it again. I reckon this might be the movie by which we remember this Easter Break.

Ive been given some games to go with the film, I thought this Memory game was quite good:

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