Review: Zinc Scooters

The five year old scooter expert

One of the things which my children seem to excel at is scooting. Little Fifi in particular is an expert and we’ve had to swop between a two wheeler and her mini-micro scooter on the reception school run because she’s so good at it. We were asked to have a look at a fantastic Zycho stunt scooter by UK company Zinc.

From the moment the scooter arrived the children were really excited, the fact of the matter is that this scooter just looks super cool. They all wanted a ride, even the husband. Such was the competition over this scooter that I decided to set up a scooter riding competition. This was a bad idea, as I immediately realised it would inevitably lead to tears. However, once the idea was floated it had to be enacted, I just hoped that the hubby would do enough to ‘win’ so we could continue with a shared scooter.

Fantastic deck on the scooter

In many ways for testing a scooter this wasn’t such a bad thing as it demonstrated that the scooter could be used by our (admittedly exceeding good) five year old, the seven year old and the thirty nine year old (incidentally 6 ft 5 tall). Its made from incredibly sturdy aluminium which seems to deal with the variety of weights and strains each rider placed upon it.

The deck of the scooter is ideally designed with rounded edges and a really grippy deck (unlike our other scooters). This is brilliant for stunts but in my humble opinion also incredibly useful for the scooter crazed child who likes scooting in even the wettest of weather.

The seven year old has a go

I’m really impressed with this scooter, I think it will last a child for a good few years realistically from about seven years all the way through teenage years which makes it a very good buy. As long as your child is wearing appropriate safety gear you could do a lot worse than to encourage them to really get into scooting and trying out a few stunts, these days children spend far too much time sedentary indoors. Something like this is the perfect way to encourage them that sport and outdoor activity is really cool.

If you fancy one yourself you can get hold of one here:
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Disclaimer: We were given a scooter to review


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