Seven is the Magic Number

It’s a funny old week this week. Our eldest is seven years old! Seven! For me it marks quite a pivotal turning point as I can clearly remember being seven. I was seven when I decided upon my future career. I don’t think I feel all that different today to when I was seven, well, maybe a little more jaded with life’s rich experiences.

He seems much younger than I remember myself feeling at the same age, I wonder if this is the difference between girls and boys. Yet, at the same time I can now really start to see some of the person that he will grow to be. I am proud of him and I cant imagine life without him.

At the same time, being a parent has been the hardest seven years of my life. Harder than anything I could ever imagine and I’m sure there will be many more stresses to deal with yet! I have many hopes and desires for my eldest, although I realised long ago my ability to influence his career choice was slim. For records sake, I wanted him to be a vet, he wont be a vet and is currently considering a career in archaeology.

Fortunately, or rather unfortunately for him, at least six and a half years of those seven years and my thoughts and feelings about motherhood are recorded here in this blog. Its a bit of a pivotal moment, when does one decide to stop and call it a day on recording your thoughts about parenting for fear of the children’s peer group reading them? I must admit, I had anticipated that I would have archived this particular blog a very long time ago. However, now I’m at home with the children it is an income stream for me which, in a circular argument, allows me to stay at home with the children. Anyway, I’m going to spend a bit of time going through and pulling out the most pertinent posts and putting them into a booklet so he can read them himself. I do hope he enjoys…

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