The Energy Show at The Science Museum

12th April 2014 No Comments
The best ever use of a Tesla Coil

Whenever its the school holidays I try to take the children along to the Science Museum in London because it is full of the most awesome stuff, child friendly and best of all there isn’t usually a huge queue to get in! We spend out time looking at the Space galleries and in the kid zones, we also marvel at Stephenson’s Rocket and this time there was even a trans antarctic vehicle from the 1950’s to admire. What I’m trying to say I suppose is that there is something for everyone. This time we even ventured up to the Flyzone and had some pictures taken whilst all dressed up as astronauts it was brilliant fun.

Anyway, the main purpose of our trip was to go and see the new Energy Show. The Energy Show is a theatrical performance written by the Science Museum’s education team as a way of imparting a bit of science theory to kids without them realising. It looks at the different types of electricity and through frankly magnificent experiments inspires kids to go off and find out more.

This is the second year that The Energy Show has been running and we were fortunate enough to see it last year. Last year it was magnificent, this year for us it was even better. There are several reasons for that, firstly our kids were a bit older and I could really see the seven year old taking it in. He asked many more questions and was keen to follow up on some of the more complicated concepts this year. It’s been great fun researching stuff with him and we have been inspired to draw up our own list of experiments we can do at home.

Have a little look at the trailer:

The Energy Show is a bit of a steam punk extravaganza in terms of costume and set design and I think this really adds to it all brilliantly. Fifi thought the girls were ‘so cool’ and I can see the boy wanting some steampunk of his very own. I’m going to indulge this a little as I happen to think its super cool too.

So, what were the best things? Well, I don’t want to spoil it too much for you but, the Tesla Coil sound effect lighting was frankly something you need to see to believe. We also loved the explosions and if only I could set fire to my bowl of washing up everyday…

There is some great news about The Energy Show, if you cant make it all the way into South Kensington you can still see the show because its going on tour all over the UK! You’ll find all the information about the Energy Show here.

Disclaimer: We were given free tickets to the show

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